If you run advertising (of any kind) and spend more than $20,000 a year to do so, I guarantee to out-pull your best ad, or it won’t cost you a cent

If you run ads, or send sales letters (online or offline) to get leads and makes sales, I have a no-risk offer for you:

I don’t care where you advertise or how. You could be using Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Direct mail, or email. If you spend more than $20,000 a year promoting your business, and can measure the results of your advertising …

I guarantee to beat your advertising results by at least 10% in a split-run test.

And if I don’t beat your ad by at least 10% (in leads or number of sales) …

You won’t owe me a cent. You pay nothing.

Are there any catches?

There are two:

  1. You must be willing to let me create the type of advertising I think will sell. Except for legal and factual approval by you, I retain creative freedom. Naturally, if the ad isn’t written by me or if you change the layout or other elements, I can’t guarantee the results from the changes you make. So you must run the ad the way I say to run it, after all my years of training and experience has given me the Midas touch when it comes to advertising.
  2. You must already have advertising that needs to do better. Meaning, you must already be running ads … and …if I look at your ads and feel they can’t be beaten, I’ll tell you. This offer is for people whose ads I can improve. If your ad is already excellent, and the chances of me improving it are slim to none, we’ll abandon the project before it gets off the ground – so we don’t waste each other’s time.

However, if you’re among the vast majority of marketers or business owners whose ads aren’t living up to their full potential, I’m confident I can get you more leads and boost your sales dramatically.

Who am I? And why should you hire me to write your advertising?

My name is Scott Bywater.

I’m an expert lead generator, email marketing strategist and world-class copywriter retained by many of the world’s best direct marketing companies.

As a brief introduction to some of my work, in the last several years I’ve:

  • Orchestrated a comprehensive email ‘product launch’ campaign that generated over $470,000 in revenue within 7 days, followed by dozens of email campaigns over the following seven years (each producing sales in the six-figures) for the same client.
  • Helped take a leading Australian brand from $0 to $30 million+
  • Created strategy and copy which attracted in excess of 3,000 attendees to an event and generated over $5 million in sales
  • And I’ve created hundreds of winning ads and promotions to generate leads and make sales for all kinds of industries, products and services.

Unlike many marketing advisors and so-called experts, I’ve worked with nearly every category of businesses in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer including leading direct marketers throughout Australia, Canada, USA and the United Kingdom.

In short, I specialise in creating ads and marketing campaigns that sell.

How can I guarantee results?

If I was a brand-new, wet-behind-the-ears copywriter and marketer I wouldn’t make such an offer as this one – to improve your advertising results on a no-risk basis.

But after 20 years writing ads and sales letters for dozens or industries, selling all kinds of products and services, I’ve seen it all.

I’ve seen hundreds of split run tests. I’ve written hundreds of winning campaigns and gloried in the rewards from clients, the accolades, the invitations to parties.

And I’ve written a few ads that bombed.

I’ve learnt what works (from my winners and losers) when advertising products and services on the internet, in magazines, in newspapers and via direct mail.

Because of this, I can quickly look at YOUR ad or promotion and see its weak points, where it’s strong, and how it can be improved, often by a factor of 10!

In fact, I’ve developed an uncanny ability to look at a campaign and know within minutes if I can improve the results by more than 10% or not.

And that’s why I’m willing to take the risk off your shoulders and put it squarely on mine.

What’s your alternative?

If you hire someone else two things will happen:

  1.      You’ll pay them a fee
  2.      They’ll write your ad or promotion

If it works, you’re happy, everyone wins. If the ad fails the only one who loses is you, the agency gets their fee regardless.

Now contrast that with what you get when you hire me:

I’ll write your ad.

The ad will run.

If it makes you money you win.

And so do I.

If it fails to beat your current promotion or ad by 10% or more, you’ll pay nothing..

Why should you take all the risk?

Doesn’t that sound like a better way to do business?

Which agency would you rather hire? The one that gets paid regardless of results?

Or the one that only makes money when your advertising succeeds?

Should be a no-brainer.

What should you do if you’re interested in hiring me on a no-risk basis?

If you’re interest in what I’ve said here and want to try my advertising service on a no-risk basis, simply complete the quick form below.

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We’ll discuss your campaign and my specific plan to increase your leads or sales. If I’m confident I can improve your results, and you’re ready to work with me, we’ll discuss the brief and get started on the project.

Nothing could be more simple.

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