Did you know that…

According to a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 81% of breast surgery patients and 68% of other body surgery patients reported improvements in sexual satisfaction.

Interesting, huh?

But is this just a useless fact to be thrown into the “too much information to know, I’ll forget it in 15 minutes” hard drive of your brain.


But not if you are a plastic surgeon.


Because according to Gary Bencivenga, perhaps the greatest copywriters of today’s age – the number one thing most advertising misses is…


And if you are a plastic surgeon, you would want to be subtly weaving these facts into every one of your advertisements.

But you’re probably not a plastic surgeon…

So why am I telling you this?

Because there are facts like this for every single different industry…

If you’re willing to look hard enough to find them.

If you’re a chiropractor – there are stats on back pain.

If you sell tyres – there are stats on tyre deaths.

No matter what you do, there are real stats… real proof… that can help you sell and support your sales argument.

So take the lead from Gary Bencivenga – and go out and…


For help with finding these stats – and all the steps required to create a killer advertisement, sales letter or web site… check out this.

  1. My conversion rates are pretty high, in the last year alone I think I’ve had a good 9/10 and analyzing the contributing factors that tip the sale close would have to be statistics, I hadn’t actually thought too much about it until I read this. It is proof of return ROI. And that’s what the person spending their money wants Return!

  2. It’s a like a money back guarantee, you’re giving them and expected return on investment, if you’re selling information or a service or even a product, using statistics is almost like giving your testimonials an extra chunk of credibility. I know when I read testimonials I think well that’s one good story…what about the rest? Statistics back up a testimonial…food for thought when closing a sale.

  3. And to back that up… When I want to give that extra bit of why should you use me or my service, I’ll say something like. Well Brian, the statistics from recent marketing research are showing and X amount of return if done like this…Then I will give one or 2 (if I have them) examples of customers that have actually got these returns and are enjoying the benefits now. I make the statistics on a personal level to give them extra credibility because many will “question” statistics vigorously no matter how credible they are!

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