Today I want to talk about Wayne Bennett’s coaching style.

Until last week, no journalist had ever seen the insides of the dressing room when Wayne Bennett was coaching.

So there was a lot of excitement about this fly-on-the-wall experience.

What was this super-coach going to come out with? What magic words would he say to his team to inspire them?

What other tricks did he have up his sleeve?

And you know what he said to inspire his All-Star team before they won 36-28 against the indigenous All-Stars.

That’s right…

“The First Battle is Between Your Ears”

Interesting, huh?

He drilled these 3 points into them:

1.       Your are playing for the man sitting next to you.

2.       The fans of the game voted for you to be here.

3.       You are playing for yourself, for your own personal pride.

And his opinion on competition was:

“The first battle tonight is the one between your ears.

Your biggest opposition tonight is not the bloke in the other jumper, but you.

Get that into your heads now.”

So that gives you some insight into Wayne Bennett’s coaching style.

I think there might also be a message in this for all business owners, don’t you?

Of course, you need to master the skills no matter what you do.

But once you’ve got that…

Your mindset is the only thing that can hold you back.

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